When people tell you a story, it’s like they’re singing you a song. Every voice has its own musicality, its own tone and timbre. And even just a little half-sentence fragment can go in through your ear and tell you something profound about a person’s soul.

Why have I chosen Eunae for my story? Mostly because she was one of the first person I met here in Wollongong and I’m really interested in her life and experiences. I do believe that you can tell a story of someone only if you are deeply interested in that story and you feel engaged with it. I do believe that there must be a connection between you and the protagonist of the story. And friendship is absolutely a good connection.

Besides, Eunae is from South Korean, she is an asian girl and I’m European, thus we are different, even if not completely. The sea is part of my life as well, I’ve always lived near the sea and there’s something here in Wollongong that makes me remember my childhood as well. So, I’d like to interview Eunae to discover things we have in common and see whether the sound of waves, the swish of sand and seagulls call suggest us the same feelings and emotions.

I’d like to give suspence to my story with fragments of specific moments and with sounds of her childhood, like the buzz of that mill not so far from her house. 



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