– When did you learn about privacy for the first time?

Our lecturer asked us during this week tutorial. I looked around me and I saw many faces thinking about it. Then I started to think about me and my own idea of privacy. But nothing came to my mind. I’m serious, I don’t really remember when and where I learnt about privacy. My parents used to share everything with me and they taught me not to have any secrets with them. Oh, some memories have just come to my mind about my grandma and her friends, they used to be so gossipy! Actually all my country is a tad gossipy! Is this a problem? Maybe. And privacy seems to be just a legal concern. 

During the debate, someone said that they would not want other people to take pictures of them due to dignity and privacy, indeed. This is a very interesting point, because the concept of privacy is closely related to two more concepts, that are dignity and bias. A photo, indeed, could be used for many purposes which are not necessarly “harmless”. Thus, these observations give arguments to the necessity of an authorization anytime someone wants to take a snapshot of us. 
It’s not coincidence that the concept of privacy entails the right to be let alone, that is the right to live our private life without any indiscreet eye above us.

I do believe that the concept of privacy concerns the idea of private space. I mean, if someone takes a snapshot of me in a public space, I would not have any problem. It’s a public space, anybody could see what I’m doing, what I’m wearing and who I am with. What about the uses of that snapshot? If someone shares it in his blog or on his social pages, I would not have any problem as well. But, if that person uses the snapshot for some irriverent reasons, then I would have many problems, of course! The irriverent use of a photo, however, concerns more the reputation of a person, that in Italy is strictly regulated by law, and not with privacy. At least in my country law.

On the other side, if someone took a snapshot of me in my intimacy, in my private space, things would be definitely different. It’s my private space, I own it and I want to share it just with few selected persons. That’s my privacy, indeed.




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