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MARCO TRAVAGLIO: Journalist and deputy editor of ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’

Marco Travaglio, italian journalist and deputy editor of ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’, independent newspaper based in Turin, uses to tweet at least once a day. His tweets are especially retweets of his articles posted on ‘Il fatto Quotidiano’ website, but he also retweets his colleagues’ articles or tweets.

‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ is one of the most active newspaper online in Italy. It has a Twitter account, a Facebook Page and also accounts on Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr.

Travaglio’s twitter account is the mirror of his political line and opinion. He has also a Facebook page, which is very similar to his Twitter account in terms of contents and structure.

sue turton

SUE TURTON: AlJazeera’s correspondent

Sue Turton defines her self as a “roving” correspondent for Al Jazeera english and her tweets are especially about the ‘Free Al Jazeera staff’ campaing. In fact, she uses the hashtag #freeAJstaff in almost every tweets and she uses to retweet other users and colleagues’ opinion about this hashtag. Thus, her twitter account, at the moment, is an instrument to promote this campaign and there are just a few tweets about her work. Besides, there are no tweets about her colleagues’ work. She has also a Facebook account that shares contents similar to Twitter’s ones.

jason linkins twitter

JASON LINKINS: Huffington Post Politics Opinion Writer

Jason Linkins is a Political Reporter at ‘Huffington Post’ covering Media and Politics. He is also a great blogger. His Twitter account is interesting because he does not contain many references to his work at the Huffington Post. In his bio, he defines his tweets as “verdicts, not arguments”. Such a harsh claim! Scrolling down his account, indeed, we can find really short and square comments about facts or references to his blog on Tumblr. There is nothing about nor his work at the Huffington Post either his colleagues’ work. Thus, he does not use his social media for journalism practice but only to share his personal opinions and his comments. His Facebook page, indeed, summarizes his idea about social media. He claims, indeed:

I don’t really want this thing — because Jesus, this is just so navel-gazey — but the Powers That Be insisted that it needed to exist, so here it is. I don’t really have any plans to hang out here or do much with it, but if you want to come here and Superpike each other or whatever, have at it and enjoy. I’d really rather you just read my stuff online.



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