What is hidden is what I can hear in the whisper of my heart when I listen to that voice…the voice of my priest during the service.

My friend replied to me when I asked him, with tongue in cheek, what was hidden for him. But his reply was serious and passionate. And it inspired me.

I have a feeling in my heart which could be releted to religion, somehow. I’m catholic, my family is catholic, my friends are catholic. Almost the 90% of italian people are catholic. Thus, for me religion means Catholicism. Nonetheless, since I’m here, in Wollongong, I found that none of my new friends are catholic. Who would have thought it?

Protestant, Orthodox, Buddhist, Induist….and Pentecostal.

– What is your religion?

– I am Pentecostal, as the majority of people in my community in india.

– Wao.

In my 2:30 minutes of audio slideshow I would try to report the relationship between my friend and his faith. Pentecostalism, indeed, is a really interesting religion. It is an evangelic movement, whose belief is characterized by sobriety, confidentiality and humility. During the service, pentecostal people use to dance and sing, in order to reconcile with God. Faith is, indeed, the ecstasy of their hearts, a way of living, as a mission.

In the video, I would like to use some particular sounds of a Pentecostal service and the voice of my friend describing his belief.



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