Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase…(Martin Luther King, I have a dream, 1963).

When you are sitting at your desk, looking for that story for your piece. You start thinking about many interesting topics, which could engage and entertain your readers. Then, you touch lightly the keybord of your personal computer and type some words on Google. The word I typed was ‘faith’.

The concept of ‘faith’ is related to many aspects in our society. Its primary meaning, as written in the Oxford dictionary, is: “complete trust in someone or something”. If you keep on reading, you will see that its second meaning is: “strong belief in the doctrine of a religion”. Trust and belief. Nowadays, the importance and the consequences of faith are called into question. Many researches, indeed, demonstrate that people are becoming less and less faithful and believer. There is no time for faith, life is too fast and busy. There is no time for meditating on ourselves and on events. No time for thinking to what is right and what is wrong in our behaviors.

Speed is what rules our actions. It was 1996 when Milan Kundera in his masterpiece, “Slowness”, stressed the necessity to praise the slowness of each moment of the life and live it like it was endless.

Speed is the form of ecstasy the technical revolution has bestowed on man. As opposed to a motorcyclist, the runner is always present in his body, forever required to think about his blisters, his exhaustion; when he runs he feels his weight, his age, more conscious than ever of himself and of his time of life. This all changes when man delegates the faculty of speed to a machine: from then on, his own body is outside the process, and he gives over to a speed that is noncorporeal, nonmaterial, pure speed, speed itself, ecstasy speed (Milan Kundera, Slowness,  1996).

All these reflections made me remember the story of a person. It was the story of Nithish, a 26 years old international student at the University of Wollongong. He was from the south of India.
In a rainy morning, he took me to his church in Wollongong and during the track he shared his story with me.

“One time I used to be lost, because I was sick in between. I was lonely, I was empty in my heart”.

As soon as I heard those words, some pieces of memory came to my mind. Probably because they can perfectly describe hidden moments of each person’s life.
When he was a child, he was affected by a disease and he spent his childhood amongst his house and the hospital. His family has never left him alone, even though that disease emptied his heart and his hope.

“Then I starting to believe that God was there and was looking after my life. When I started reading Bible, I realized that I had to change something in my character, which was not very good”.

He confessed to me in the aftermath.
That disease is only a bad memory now. And his heart is full of hope and faith.

“And that thinking changed my life”.

He whispered to me as soon as we reached the church. The sun was poking its head out and we kept on talking outside the church for a while.

Believing in something or someone could help us to ride out difficult moments and situations. Are you thinking to what your faith is? Are you meditating on that “what is hidden” in your hearts? This is what I tried to do. This is that first step I am  still trying to take.


2 thoughts on “WHAT IS HIDDEN, IN THE HEART…(Assignment 3)

  1. Miss Adelaide ha detto:

    Vera! This is really beautiful! The video is really well put together! I really like the different techniques you used to shake things up! The music is beautiful and overall is very effective!
    Nice work lovely xx


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